Sunday, 15 September 2013

More about Day 1 - from Joseph & Austen

Day 1: The Flight
After living one day twice, we were all very tired. 13 hours on a plane watching movies, reading or trying to prepare our bodies for the future jetlag is what we attempted to achieve.
After the riveting plane flight we went through customs and got our bags checked for the next flight. During the time we had before we departed for Fort Worth Dallas, we split up and got ourselves some lunch. When I was buying some snacks with my Grandpa, we happened to come across this mountain of a man, the mighty Mike Tyson. Surrounded by bodyguards we were 15 metres away from him.
We arrived at the Dallas slightly rested from the three hour flight. We split up to find ourselves a riveting dinner, McDonald’s. However this was not your average ‘Maccas’. I ordered a small quarter pounder meal expected the average and ended up with a meal the size of an Australian large. I wonder what an extra-large meal will look like.

Joseph Baldwin and Austen Knowles

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