Friday, 20 September 2013

Day 8 - Huntsville, Alabama

The U.S Space and Rocket Museum next door to Space Camp

The giant Saturn V rocket which took mankind to the Moon and back is 111 metres tall (about 36 storeys!)

Lockheed 'Blackbird' supersonic reconnaissance aircraft

The U.S. Space and Rocket Centre, taken from Space Camp.

Inside the Rocket Centre Museum - a Saturn V rocket!

The F1 rocket engine - 4m in diam and 6m tall.  Five were fitted to the first stage of the Saturn V.

Apollo Lunar Module

Moon buggy

The 'pointy-end' of a Saturn V rocket

The Apollo 16 Command Module, which flew to the Moon and back in 1972.

Space suits

Moon rock, collected during the Apollo 12 mission.

At the top of the Saturn V - the Apollo Command Module and Launch Escape Assembly

The J-2 engines mounted to the Saturn V second stage.

Closeup of the F1 engines

Mockup of a lunar landing site

The 'Rocket Garden'

Space Camp and Aviation Challenge Graduation ceremony

The Von Tiesenausen Team graduates

The Holderer team

The Jolly Roger team

Brenton was awarded with the Aviation Challenge 'Right Stuff Award'

Group shot following graduation. 

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