Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 7 - Huntsville Alabama

"Top Gun" Challenge

Standing at Attention

Simulator Cockpit

Jodie preparing for Challenge

Mission Underway

James and James ready to "take-off"

Josh and Adam locking down for flight

Lachlan "gearing up"

Brenton & Lachlan closing the hatch for flight.

"EDM" (Extended Duration Mission) Challenge

The Team

 Matt & Sacha preparing for their EVA

External Space walk.

Mr D recording the mission.

The "Brains Trust" in control.

"Rocket Scientists" in the making.

Students build a rocket to launch a raw egg into space and return it safely to earth.

 Ready for launch

3, 2, 1....

Anyone for scrambled egg?

"MAT" Simulator (Multi-Axis Trainer):

 Ready to go...

Evening meal time

Space Camp mates

The Aviation Challenge group - the 'Jolly Rogers'

The 'Jolly Rogers' ready to leave the mess hall to begin their evening Seal Ops activity.

The 'Jolly Rogers' - camouflage applied and ready to go

Jake, ready for Seal Ops

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