Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 21 Los Angeles, Warner Bros Studios

At Warner Bros Studios
On the tour

'Wistaria Lane'

Having mastered drinking with no hands, James confidently takes the lead

Inside a movie 'house' - it's actually a storage shed

Inside a grand home

It was nicer from outside

Movie set

The open door revealed that there was no inside as such - just the garden behind the facade.
A set being readied for filming

Another elaborate set

Lighting equipment

It takes a lot of equipment to shoot a movie!

One of the many 'movie' streets

This patch of grass is used often - it has been Central Park, the park where the Big Bang crew fly their kites etc

The Friends set

Mo and Alex
A small sample of props and set dressings

Maxwell Smart's Sunbeam
Batmobile - Batman and Robin 1997
'72 Ford Gran Torino - from Gran Torino (2008)
Big Bang Space Capsule

The End!

Thanks to all involved for a very memorable and enjoyable adventure.

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