Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day 18 Los Angeles and Hollywood

We have spent 4 days in Sea Camp in San Diego. During the entire time there we did not see a single cloud, only blue sky. We've been body boarding on San Diego’s beaches and kayaking in the surf. We have learnt about ocean life in classes or labs as they are called. We spent part of the day at Sea World where the greatest part was the Shamu show, full of killer whales splashing the crowd. We went for a boat trip out into the open ocean and went snorkeling. We also saw some great marine life such as blue whales, bottle-nose dolphins and just about every variety of kelp California has to offer. The beaches are nice especially since everything in the water is not trying to kill us. During these four days, we've eaten the best and non-processed food for the whole trip. Shock horror: even salads! Everybody is exhausted at the moment. Today we drove 3 hours north to Los Angeles, Paradise city. We took a walk down Hollywood BLVD, there are probably more people trying to sell $10 products than there are stars on the walk of fame. We will never do that again. Tonight we went to Jerry’s Famous Deli where the menu was said to have over 600 meals. They were massive and delicious!

somewhere between San Diego and LA - lots of traffic.

Hollywood streetscape
Rodeo Drive - not a Walmart in sight!

Rodeo Drive - we forgot to make appointments, so couldn't visit many retailers
The Beverly Wilshire Hotel - the primary filming location for Pretty Woman
Around Rodeo Drive
An outlet for handbags
No more to say
Outside the TCL Chinese Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Famous droids
He was  thrilling the crowds on the Walk of Fame

Norma Jeane
A famous amphibian

A district in LA

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